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High Voltage Inc. was identified as a top global provider of high voltage testing solutions within a recently released global industry analysis by Transparency Market Research Group.

The report emphasized the strong outlook for high voltage testing equipment, noting "Important drivers for high voltage testing market are steadily increasing need for energy, increasing requirement of transmission and distribution, and a trend toward high voltage. Global demand for electricity will grow in coming years. This growth will result into strong investments in the global transmission and distribution sector. The market share of China and India is estimated to be more than half of the total market of non-OECD countries."



Product Change Notice


Tan DeltaTD-34E is Discontinued;TD-65E is Standardized for VLF-E Series

Product Description

HVI’s line of Tan Delta Transducers, used as accessories to the VLF-E Series of Very Low Frequency AC testers, has been changed. The TD-34E, formerly paired with the VLF-34E, has been discontinued. The TD-65E, already produced by HVI and paired with the VLF-65E model, will now be offered as an accessory to either VLF-E model. HVI is pleased to announce a standardized offering for Tan Delta testing with our VLF-E Series, one that effectively balances price and functionality. The TD-65E remains an effective choice for measuring, benchmarking and monitoring the deterioration of cable insulation in MV and HV applications.

Product Line Changes

HVI has now standardized the Tan Delta accessory model used with the VLF-E Series, both the 0-34 kV AC VLF-34E, and the 0-65 kV AC VLF-65E. The same E Series software will be used for operations, data logging and report generation. The TD-65E is a slightly larger model than the TD-34E but is now compatible with either VLF model. Depending on the specific firmware version in your VLF model, a firmware update may be needed.

Ordering Changes

The output cables formerly shipped with VLF units are not interchangeable between Tan Delta models. When ordering either the VLF-34E or the VLF-65E, you must order the appropriate output cable to connect the TD module to the mating VLF unit.  Please note:

  • When ordering a VLT-34E, the cable needed to connect to the TD-65E is: Cable P/N 88-5061.
  • When ordering a VLT-65E, the cable needed to connect to the TD-65E is: Cable P/N 81-5220


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HVI Products Summary

Recent Customer Sales - VLF 200

About the VLF 200:

A suitable choice for a variety of high voltage applications, particularly those involving the installation, repair and monitoring of high voltage cables. Capable of providing continuously adjustable voltage for different uses, from routine withstand testing to tan delta and partial discharge testing. This is the largest sized unit in the VLF line, comprised of 2 pieces. Despite it's size, the use of Very Low Frequency (0.1-0.01HZ) allows for lower overall power and current requirements to test at the same levels of  high voltage. The VLF-200 has a 0-200kV peak output voltage and can energize a 3.75uF load at 0.2HZ.  Trailer and container mounting options are available. The pictures below show a customer outfitted vehicle.


The pictures of the VLF 200 below are from our rep in Indonesia, Mr. Endang Djaja.






HVI has been an essential supplier of electrical testers and test kits for over 20 years. Our familiarity with the regulations and procedures inherent to this industry make us more than a supplier or manufacturer, but a partner. Customers turn to HVI for its high-quality testing equipment, unparalleled customer support, and its commitment to sharing deep industry knowledge in an approachable, helpful way.


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